The Rules

I commit to not buying anything new in my personal life for a whole year, starting 1st Jan 2013, but buy secondhand instead.   

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Shoes, clothes, accessories, 
  • Home-wares, decorative items, major electrical purchases, technology, books, CDs, magazines.
  • Leisure/game/music related items.   
  • Dog-related items
  • Skin care products that I can make
  • Cleaning and laundry products that I can make

Things that I can buy include anything second hand, recycled and anything that it is impossible to buy second-hand or anything that might be considered unsafe, if I were to do:

  • Underwear, socks, tights, swimwear
  • Food (but I will be experimenting with some lovely new recipes)
  • Medicines, vitamins and some toiletries (see list above)
  • Anything recycled or derived from recycled materials
  • Craft items/ingredients in order to make things
  • Anything needed to make a repair to another item
  • Services- e.g. Dentist, hairdresser, travel, postage etc
  • Anything handmade by a person or small business that is primarily up-cycled.
  • Anything previously owned by someone else
  • Anything that is a virtual service and thus reduces waste e.g. music downloads, film downloads.  I think that LoveFilm counts as is a recycled DVD or game as does anything from the library.  
  • Anything needed in my business (but no cheating!)
  • Also- anything that reduces unnecessary waste- this might be new or second hand.
  • Any item needed in an emergency, that would otherwise compromise my self-esteem (but no cheating!)

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