Friday, 1 February 2013

Big news- revealed!

Very, very exciting news, my Lovelies!

I am delighted to announce that I will be opening the Handmade by You Studio;  the home of delightfully quaint craft and easy vintage glamour!

I hope that it will be a refreshing addition to London's make-it-yourself and vintage scene.

Opening in April 2013 in the wonderful Alfies Antique Market, in Marylebone, the studio is set to be an inspiring space filled with treasures and combining my two passions; craft using whimsical designs and easy vintage styling.  

I cannot wait to decorate the studio- I have so many ideas to make it so beautiful.  

For a long time, I yearned for a creative space where, after a long day, I could spend a couple of hours making something really beautiful, with everything provided for me. As you know, I love nifty craft projects that give stylish results, quickly and use pre-loved materials. I have always been attracted to vintage fashions and styling but in the beginning I didn't know where to start. My vision for the studio is that it makes both creativity and vintage glamour accessible for everyone!

The Handmade by You studio will offer an eclectic mix of craft and vintage-themed events including “Make me” sessions; offering a choice of exciting on-the-spot makes including 'Cross stitch an i-phone cover' and 'Make a vintage tea-cup pin cushion' with all materials sourced, tools provided and advice on hand if needed. 

I will of course be running my quirky workshops and craft parties with new exciting options like 'Make your own lipstick' and a variety of vintage-themed events including pop-up sales, hair and make up and easy vintage styling. On top of all of that we have lots of lovely treats to buy in the studio. 

I am looking for lovely people to run events with- if you are a vintage hair/make-up person, a fashion seller or market organiser or you are a crafty bod who makes lovely things with vintage materials, please get in touch  I would love to work with you.  

Those that know my journey will know that this has been my dream since the beginning, with lots of ups and downs and challenges along the way.  I can't quite believe it is actually happening, Dear Reader and I am very grateful to all my lovely clients who have supported me over the last 2 years and my lovely followers and partners who encourage me.  

More info on the way when I get the programme in order and definitely more blogging about my challenge (I have not forgotten about it!).

With love, 
Alice x


  1. sending you love, hope, tranquillity, exuberance and all sorts of other nice things to take with you on the next part of your voyage