Saturday, 26 January 2013

What a week!

Sorry for the lack of postings this week- it has been a bit of a momentus week in my business to say the least, with a HUGE development on the horizon.  

I don't want to publicise my big news until it is all confirmed but it will enable me to expand, work with more wonderful people and ultimately fulfill my vision for my crafting business.  Those who have followed my entire journey into self employment may be able to guess my news, and you may have seen a few hints on Twitter, but I promise to announce all the details as soon as I can.  

Anyhoo- enough teasing, I thought I would give a little update on our buying nothing new challenge, 26 days in.

H has been using e-bay a lot this week and has managed to find her bike computer, cycling jacket, another pair of boxing boots, two second hand shirts and a t-shirt to spray paint, all second hand.  She has really got into the swing of the challenge; we thought it was going to be a bit tricky for her as her requirements are quite specific, but she is doing brilliantly!  

She also bought a second hand, only-worn-once pair of ear-phones....  now, I think I might have employed our hygeine clause with these, but the seller apparantly didn't like the way they felt in their ears and she gave them a good wipe with her colleague Mike's antibacterial wipes....  She is definitely dedicated!

As for me, I have been concentrating on getting some gifts organised- I have 3 friend's birthdays coming up and my Dad's.  I think I have the girls' gifts sorted (more on the blog soon re those) but I am still a bit stumped about what to do for my Dad.  I think some sort of experience gift might be better than a handmade or vintage one- it's just not his cup of tea. 

We have also had a few dilemmas- we got some gifts that weren't to our taste at Christmas and took them back, but we obviously can't exchange them for anything new, no matter how tempting.  So instead we got a gift voucher which we can use on food. 

I have not been tempted by anything new this week at all, but I have been making some wonderful, new friends who have been helping and encouraging me along the way, which I will tell you all about next week too!

So, for now, happy weekend Dear Reader and I hope to see you here, next week.

Alice xx

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