Thursday, 3 January 2013

Oh my goodness.... gifts

Day 3 into my challenge and it has just dawned on me.... I am going to have to make or find second-hand gifts!

Whilst I LOVE old things as presents (objects, not people), I am just not sure this will be to everyone's cup of tea and I am probably going to feel a tad uncomfortable in this element of my challenge.  

I think one of the issues with gifting is that it can be perceived that the price of the gift somehow equates to how much you love recipient and whilst there are no spending restrictions within this challenge, there is something about second hand stuff and handmade stuff that for some people equals being cheap :-(

I am going to have to think really creatively regarding gifts and ensure that whatever I give is really a wanted gift for the other person and not just a convenient option for me, fulfilling my challenge but not hitting the mark with the recipient.  I think this is why handmade gifts sometimes don't go down that well.  Although Granny might have been a great knitter- I just didn't want a snowman jumper.

Hmmm what do you think Dear Readers?  Any suggestions for good gifts that won't break my rules... particularly for Dads?