Friday, 4 January 2013

Stuff for free event- West London- 13th January 2013

Oooh!  I have just come across this event in Acton, West London that I am really excited about.    Here are all the details:

Stuff for Free:  Saturday Jan 5th -Sun January 2013

Start 2013 with a decluttered and organised home, and donate your unwanted Christmas gifts, clothes and household items to our next Stuff for Free event!

We are unable to accept open cosmetics and make-up, earrings, food and drink, plants, animals, chemicals (open or otherwise), tyres, items without fire safety labels, gas canisters, fire extinguishers or needles.

You don't have to give to get- but it will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Give Dates:
Saturday 5th January 10am – 2pm
Friday 11th January 8am – 2pm

Take Dates:
Sunday 13th January 8am – 2pm

Venue: The Vision Warehouse,
15 Kendal Avenue,
W3 0AF

I am going to donate a few bits and bobs tomorrow and then will report back the week after next as to what amazing bits I might find!  

Do you fancy being involved with this project too?  


  1. Hi Alice

    This event looks great i shall be attending it.
    Thank-you for telling me about it.


    1. Hi there! You are very welcome. Aparantly it gets very busy, with people arriving 30mins before the opening time!

      If you donate on Friday, you get an early bird pass. If you see me there, come say hi!

      Alice x

  2. Hi Alice

    Thanks for that information.
    I gave some stuff on friday so have an early bird pass so will
    arrive early as per your sugguestion.
    If i see you there tomorrow i will defintely come over to say
    hello.I hope you enjoy the event tomorrow.
    Many thanks for telling us about it.