Monday, 7 January 2013

Resisting the temptations of the January sales (kind of)

So, it has been a satisfying first week into my year-long adventure, but it has not been without its challenges.   The main one at the moment, is resisting the January sales......  so many of my favourite shops are having sales and those enticing bargains are testing my resolve.  

This weekend I went for a little mooch around the shops, but stuck purely to the charity shops to avoid any unnecessary temptation.  I went to my local Traid in Hammersmith; which is by far my favourite shop as it has a lovely little vintage clothes section which is always well stocked.

But wait, Dear Reader- what is that in the window?  SALE?  With the words £3 under it??  Oooh yes! I don't need to tell you what happened next... H and I got our sale bargain fix.  
Here is a little selection of what we purchased:

Some lovely tops for me, including a vintage shirt,  £3 each. 

A vintage, skinny tan belt for 75p!

And some vintage sporty tops for H- £3 each.

Not bad going for an afternoon- some more of our wish-list fulfilled!  All in, between us we got 8 tops and a belt for £24.75.  A total bargain and at saving of at least £135, if we bought the items new or from vintage shops!

What did you buy, second-hand this weekend, Dear Readers?

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