Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My wrapping paper problem solved....for the next 365 days and beyond!

Every now and then, I have the sudden realisation of something that I will need to buy second-hand this year that actually might be quite tricky.  One of these is wrapping paper.....

Now, I have been known to make my own w-p; this Christmas I simply printed my own directly from my printer using a sheet music of a christmas carol.  

And, I know I could carefully unwrap every gift I get from now on, iron the paper and re-use it, but quite frankly I think this makes gifts look a bit shoddy. And if I have to buy second hand and make gifts this year, I should at least make them look exciting and enticing from the get-go (although maybe crinkled, re-used paper will keep their expectations low.... hmmm).  But sometimes I just want the convenience of a roll of wrapping paper to just wrap something up on the hoof.  

Low and behold, the fairies* of second-hand shopping have come up trumps and have solved my second-hand wrapping dilemma; in a local charity shop, I found this huge roll of beautiful wallpaper:  

I love the geometric flower design- perfect for presents for men, women and children- just ready to be dressed up with a bit of ribbon...... doh!  The hunt for ribbon second hand starts now.

What are your ideas, Dear Reader for second-hand or handmade gift wrapping?

Love Alice xx

*maybe I do believe in Fairies

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  1. I've used newspaper before now.....if you collect the metro (it's free!) you could cunningly stick together a collage of nice pictures I reckon....depends whether you want it to look like wrapping paper or not.....or what about using second hand scarves or other nice pieces of fabric?