Friday, 11 January 2013

Handmade how to; make a felted baby hat from an old jumper

My dear cousin Emily and her husband Dave had a little baby boy in December, so I thought I had better get a little gift organised for them.

I thought handmade was a better option that second hand and thought I might make a little warm cashmere hat for  Xavier (what a gorgeous name, eh?).

I used a felted cashmere jumper- to felt it all you do is wash it at 40 degrees and it will shrink down a bit and felt- lovely!

I designed a little pattern- which you can download and use- just be sure to print it at 100% or fit to page on an A4 format.  

This is what used to make my little hat:

  • Felted cashmere jumper
  • Paper pattern
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
This is what I did:

1) Aligned my pattern to the bottom of the jumper and pinned it on, through both layers and the cut it out.  

2) I folded each piece in half and measured 2.5 cm from the top and marked with a pin.    

3)  I then measured 1 cm either side of the central marking and marked with 2 more pins:
4) Then cut a triangle shape out of both pieces using the pins as guides.  

5)  With right sides together, I folded each piece in half down the centre line and sewed each of the little triangles closed, keeping about 5mm seam allowance:

6)  Then, I placed the back and front pieces right sides together, pinned and sewed all the way round, being careful to ensure the little flaps created by sewing closed the triangles we laying flat.   I of course left the bottom edge open.  I then clipped the seams a little bit and clipped the curves.

7)  I turned the hat the right way- with the seams inside and admired it!

This will be winging it's way to Emily and David in New York, next week*!  

Have a wonderful weekend, Dear Reader xx

*cuddly toy not included; she's called Mousey and she's mine, sorry Xavier 

PS- I promise next week's how-to will be less old jumper orientated!


  1. How very clever you are, a real inspiration!

    1. Thank you Lynette! Good luck with the tub chair to sofa project! xxx

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  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Hon. I really needed a melon to model it...or you know..a baby...xx