Friday, 18 January 2013

Top Tip; Always dry your wellies


It's SNOW DAY today in the UK!  Hurrah, huzzah!  

If you are like me, proper footwear in the weather is paramount and I cannot live without my cosy fake-fur-lined wellies (bought pre-challenge)!  

But alas, my wellies seemed to get holes and rips in them so quickly after winter and recently I learnt why- if you leave you wet after stomping through the snow or rain, this can make them rot!

So, Dear Reader, dash to wear your boots are, right now, and give them a wipe down or next week your boots will be no more!    I like to pop mine on the radiator to make sure they are nice a dry.  

Have fun in the snow; Treacle certainly does!

* Please don't call any animal cruelty charities- but that super-cute picture is of Treacle at 12 weeks in the snow.  At the time we thought it would be fine, but looking back it was probably far too cold for her little soul to be playing in the snow!  She was absolutely fine afterwards and loved it but it probably was irresponsible of us. Sorry Treacle!   

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